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I'm not able to get the bitmask example to work in my project. Any tips/ideas on why that might be?

Guys Everyone Chill, The bitmask he made is totally perfect, u need to tweek ur settings a bit, First make it 3x3 minimal and set x to 16 and y to 32! then it will work like a charm!!!

The author did a really great work on the tileset, i used the original one and it took me forever to make maps on it!

Thanks to him i can now make maps in minutes. <3

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Booo!!!!!! Doesn't work

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Thanks for sharing, I just want to mention that the bitmask actually works in 3x3(mininal), not 3x3

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Is this under the same CC0 terms as the original? If so, would you mind mentioning that in the description? (or in the license field under "More information"... though I'll admit I only just realized that it existed and had to delete a "could you add a license?" comment because of that.)

If not, would you mind naming some other well-known license? (eg. CC-BY)

(You can't be too careful when it comes to assuming licensing terms.)


Yes, same licensing as the original (CC-0). Added to the desc.